Barrister Charles Taku Reacts to Reports of Mr Bareta Extradition to Cameroun

Mark Barata,CEO Baratapress also consortium leader.


“The purported threat of extradition of Mr Barata from Belgium to Cameroun to face the alleged crimes enumerated in this impugned publication can only be contemplated by a government and its agents who are ignorant of international law. No civilized country will ever extradite an individual residing in its territory to face a system of justice that criminalizes civil liberties and the exercise of civil and political rights promoted and protected by international law and multilateral treaties. No civilized country will ever extradite an individual, in particular a civlian to face the death penalty in a courtmartial for alleged crimes which are either not criminalized in its own criminal code or which if criminalized do not attract a death penalty. No civilized country, in particular countries within the European Union will tolerate egregious violations and a cultural of criminality that has become the hallmark of Cameroun’s state policy. Rather than extradite Mr Barata or any one to Cameroun, Belgium and other EU countries, may on receiving the purported application for extradition initiate an article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement proceedings ( EU and ACP countries) against Cameroun for its criminal proclivity and egregious crimes against the Southern Cameroons. But first Cameroon must first demonstrate that it has an extradition treaty with Belgium. If one is found to exist, then this threat may be acted upon by Mr Barata to initiate criminal proceedings in Belgium against the leaders of Cameroon and persons prosecuting the crimes against the armless people of the Southern Cameroons. This threat will form the basis on which Belguim may exercise its universal jurisdiction against those responsible for the threat and all other international crimes perpetrated in the Southern Cameroons, which Mr Barata has been doing a great job denouncing. For this reason, the threat against Mr Barata may do more harm than good for those involved in this joint criminal enterprise”,Chief Barrister Charles Achaleke Taku,wrote.

The renowned Cameroonian born Human Rights Barrister and Solicitor was reacting to reports by The Entrepreneur Newspaper Febuary 5, 2017 that  officials claim there is  Progress in the Request for Extradition of Mark Bareta to Stand Trial in Cameroon.

Citing a anonymous source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the paper says the state is not hurrying the process, despite the readiness of the State Prosecutor on accumulating wealth of evidence largely from online publications and forensic evidence from some arrests made in Buea on persons disseminating flyers calling for a ghost town, who revealed financial sponsorship from overseas including Belgium.

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