Ben Muna defies Cameroon Gov’t:Federation is the Best Form of Decentralization

Ben Muna

Presidential candidate of the 2011 elections, Bernard Muna has outrightly declared that “the best form of decentralization in Cameroon is a federation”. He made this statement in a live televised interview, granted to the Douala-based Spectrum Television, where he discussed the recent positions in the persistent crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. His position was unwavering as he reminded Cameroonians that ‘federation is the best form of decentralization which responds to the needs of the people’. Airing his thoughts on the current decentralization system being proposed, the erudite Barrister eloquently pointed out that “as long as administrative authorities are appointed by the government, their only concern will be to please their hierarchy, usually to the detriment of the population”.

His relentless efforts to drive home the message revealed that just before the March 2017 Presidential appointment of Senior Divisional Officers, “all administrative officials and their deputees in the English-Speaking Momo Division, were French speaking and communicated in French”. Momo being his home town, “the people and the administration appear to live in different worlds due to the wide communication gaps”, he lamented. These gaps are the breeding grounds for conflict.

The former president of the Cameroon Bar Council was equally firm that “such issues could be mitigated, only if the people choose their leaders under an organized federal structure, where the elected officials would be accountable to the governed, in a bottom-top approach to participatory governance”.

According to him, “since the government is fixed on its form of decentralization and the people are resolute in their quest for self-determination in whatever form, the only solution is a middle ground – a federation”. News desk


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