Gods of Buea Stand Against National Unity in Cameroon.

On the heels of the attack by bees in GHS Buea town, nature has oncemore frowned against the colonial tactics implored by the Biya Regime to impose this fake national unity day peoples who are poised to obtain freedom through peaceful means. As early as 6 a.m. this 20th May, inhabitants of Buea woke up to stormy rains, preventing any outdoor activity and imposing an early ghost town. Houses are closed, doors are shut down and even the Ekema-taxis are immobile.

Photo of heavy rains in Yaounde taken this morning

The adorned ceremonial ground for the 20th May activities is spotted with security men who spent the night guarding Bongo Square. The streets of the capital of Fako are completely occupied by ‘ghosts’ this morning. The same heavy rains too has been confirmed in Yaounde, Kumba, Buea, Limbe.

This nature’s act of solidarity to the Southern Cameroons struggle comes days after colonial administrators threatened to dethrone Chiefs who would not rally up to 100 of their subjects or who would be absent at the unity charade in Bongo Square.


Is this a response from the Bakweri Chiefs?

By Moh Mbwam for alafnet.com

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