Black celebrities giving back: Akon lighting Africa, Nelly does similar.

After Mike Brown’s shooting and Ferguson protests last year, concerned Blacks asked Black celebrities to react to the injustices shown to their own people. The ‘chicken-hearted’ ones did nothing for fear of hurting their white masters, others spoke up on social media and any mainstream media they could gain audience from. The third group took action and let their actions speak. These include Nelly and many others.

Nelly created a scholarship program in honor of the slain Mike Brown. In an interview with Hello Beautiful, he said “I try to do it through education because that’s the only way we’re going to get it. The only way we’re going to get this is to elevate, We have to get the kids to go out of these communities. Graduate. Get the knowledge. Come back to the community, and then they can run it because they understand the people and understand the severity of the situation.”








In addition to this kind action, Nelly has also sent two student to college every year for the past 10 years. The Mike Brown scholarship isn’t the only act of altruism Nelly has taken in the area of education.

Congrats Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. A.K.A. Nelly.


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