Breaking News !!!Cameroon:Justice Ayah forcefully arrested at his residence


Just to let you all know that Ayah Paul Abine has been forcefully arrested from his residence now as we speak by 6 armed men from SED. They had no arrest warrant. Ayah was not permitted to make any calls nor answer any. He was told by them that in case of any resistance he would be brutalised and that he had no choice than to comply. It almost got violent as Ayah Paul Abine stated to them what the law provides. The armed men prevented anyone from making nor taking calls. They get into Ayah’s privacy with no restraint. Even Ayah’s wife wasn’t permitted to change clothes as the men in question accompanied her even into her privacy. No one can tell what Biya’s men are up to but as Ayah left the house he told his administrator to say this to you all: THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES TILL THE END!!!


Culled Facebook Ayah Paul Abine

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