Camair Co gets back Boeing 737 grounded in South Africa for months due to commercial dispute

Camair Co Boeing 737.


The return of this aircraft is tangible proof of the ongoing recovery plan”. It was through this declaration laced with an air of triumphalism, that the deputy MD of Camair Co, Moussa Habouba, welcomed the return, during the 7 January night at the Douala airport, of one of the Boeing 737 owned by the Cameroonian public airline, and confiscated for months in South Africa due to a commercial dispute with the leaser.

“The return of Boeing 737-700 NG is a huge relief at the commercial level. Indeed, this aircraft will help in the good execution of our flight schedules at the regional and national level, while providing transportation for our valiant Indomitable Lions and their supporters during the 2017 AfCON”, which starts on 14 January in Gabon, the company happily mentioned in an official note.






With the return of this aircraft, Camair Co, whose entire fleet of five planes was grounded for various reasons this past December, is again in possession of five operating aircraft, we officially learned. To date, only the Boeing 767 christened “Le Dja” is still under maintenance.





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