Cameeoon:How Agbor Nkongho Felix, Dr. Fontem Neba were arrested!

Agbor Nkongho Felix,

A close friend and source that participated in the game plan that got Consortium leaders in La Republique’s dragnet explains:

– Agbor Nkongho had been tipped off about the arrest;

– He hurrily drives to Dr. Fontem’s home early yesterday evening to tell him of Biya’s plan and discuss a possible escape out of Buea (preferrably to abakwa).
Dr. Fontem Neba
– Just minutes of his arrival to Dr. Fontem’s residence, a white jeep with heavily armed men ransacked Dr. Fontem’s residence (reminiscent of Nigerian movie) and captured five of them… and whisked off to the governor’s office. Since the governor’s office shares boundary with GMI, the population erroneously thought they’d been taken to GMI;

– Worried of the gathering population and upon security briefing that roads had been blocked by the population of Buea, Mutengene and Tiko, the abductors decided to take the Kumba – Lum road that enters into the Western region and then a safe, cool, smooth ride to SED, Yaounde;

– Loved ones of the duo hurrily contact other leaders that saw Tassang Wilfred head too to Yaounde under the cover of night into the waiting arms of a Western Embassy.

It was a quick and smart operation by the Biya team.

Score Board:

West Cameroon Leaders 20 – 1 Paul Biya Regime

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By AKOSON Pauline

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