Cameroon :100-year-old German relic in ruins in Limbe

100-year-old German relic

Senior Councillor Chief Epupa Samuel Ekum, traditional ruler of Dikolo village, Limbe III sub-Division, former president of Fako Chief Conference has forwarded a strong appeal to the Minister of Basic Education against total neglect of the 100- year-old German Government School building, Down Beach, Limbe.

In his appeal addressed to the Minister of Basic Education through the governor of the South West Region, HRM Senior Councillor Chief Epupa Samuel Ekum said the historic building of the German Primary School at Down Beach in Limbe has been neglected by the government.

“This building was built in 1916 by our colonial masters the Germans; to accommodate the first primary school here in Victoria now Limbe. The said structure is now 100-year-old,” Chief Epupa said.

He added that looking closely at this building one will realise that the structure is able to stand there for another 100 years and more.

“But what surprises concerned natives and indigenes like me here in Limbe is the way the building has been abandoned to decay by the Ministry of Basic Education in this our God-given country Cameroon,” Chief Epupa Samuel Ekum said.

The building, according to Senior Councillor Chief Epupa Samuel Ekum, is standing tall at the Down Beach area of Limbe where visitors come and see “the disgrace that we exhibit to visitors who come to this historic town on a daily basis. When people move to the military base at Man O Way Bay they see this building; when people from Cameroon and abroad visit the slave trade market in Bimbia, they see this building; when people come to Limbe to eat roasted fish at the beach, their eyes settle on this building”.

“As a traditional ruler, Senior Councillor and a concerned indigene of Limbe Council area, I am entreatingly calling on you the powers that be to put pressure to bear on the Minister of Basic Education to rehabilitate this historic German building for the good of maintaining dignity and respect that the city of Limbe deserves,” Chief Epupa said.

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