Cameroon :1000s Marching towards the Bamunka fon’s palace demanding the release of 69 arrested youths

HRH.  John Njoya Sama of Bamunka village Ndop,Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest region


Thousands of women, children gather at Gendarmerie Ndop demanding the release of about 69 youths arrested by the police and transfered to the gendarmarie brigade.

The rioting started last night and Ndop was in total darkness as electricity was cut off .It is alleged one person was shot last night while gunshots can still be heard this morning.The main road to Kumbo blocked.

Protesters accuse the Retired Superintendent of Customs(Fon John Njoya Sama)  of complicity with the police for the illegal detention of the suspected youths.Hundreds of them singing freedom songs and Marching towards the Bamunka fon’s palace, Baretanews correspondant reported.


Meanwhile,reports from Mamfe says many residents  woke up this morning and found out that the SDO for Manyu Division and his subordinates  the DO of Mamfe at about 23.18.33 late last night sent text massages ordering  all civil servants below 35 years should take part in the match pass on 11February,2017, gathered.

In another incident last in Lebialem  Divison,South West region ,the car of the colonial Mayor of menji lebialem was burn last night because he initiated the idea of picking people within his municipality to March 11 february festivities.


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