Mamfe Grandstand 11 February, 2017 photo credit Eric Tataw

The Biya’s regime has completely 1, completely 2,completely 3 lost authority in West Cameroon. Reports on the ground confirmed that no parent rick sending their kids to match this 11 February 2017.The Plebiscite day was called a national day of mourning by the Anglophone movement in honour of those arrested,  disappeared and killed by the regime since the current crisis began.

In Buea, Bamenda, Tombel, Limbe government imported citizens from Francophone Cameroon in trucks to match while state media CRTV broadcasted old match past video of parts of West Cameroon. All political parties, including CPDM absented themselves in solidarity demanding the immediate release of our leaders.

A blogger who was blogging all day today was astonished receiving calls he had been seen on TV Marching.

Meanwhile, In Ndop March pass lasted 2mins 45 seconds with Only teachers and military present.

Mamfe says she might extend Ghost Town to Sunday if care is not taken. The denizens say they want to celebrate the more than 200% of February 11 boycott.

There was no match past in Fundong, The chief town of boyo division were the ghost was 200% with nobody spotted outside.

LA Republique government seems to be desperately trying to fool itself it can paint a different picture of the situation in Southern Cameroons.

More details later.


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