Cameroon :2 CLL answer present at the Ab hoc Committee,Consortium #no6 attached

Barristers Nkongho Félix Agbor Balla and Elias Eyambe of FAKLA and MELA respectively are presently attending a meeting with the abhoc Committee set up by PM Yong to find possible solutions of the English speaking lawyers of Cameroon.

The pear whose names were not in the official list of members are attending at the invitation of Committee Jean-Pierre Fogue .

Sources close to the meeting say deliberations  started with an opening pray lead by Barrister Nico Halle,and two leaders of the common law Lawyers have maintain that the two members (Husband and wife Amazee and Manka) have never spoken for the lawyers and their presence will not make things easy. is also aware that Jean-Pierre Fogue ,the head of the Ad Hoc whom they also claim he has never made any positive statement on the lawyers strike may pose another challenge.

While we wait for full details of the outcome from this meeting a source has indicated that the ongoing meeting in Bamenda started with an opening  speech from Paul Goghomu head of Committee.

Three Education ministers including fame ndongo of higher education are present.

Prince nfor chanji  reported Teachers have made two immediate demands at the Bamenda Meeting which if not met  they could bang the door behind them.They include release of all youths arrested and an immediate inclusion of south West represtatives in the meeting before dialogue can continue.At about 2:pm CATTU SG, writing from meeting say they have been blocked from walking out of meeting .

Photos of teachers at Bamenda Meeting Tassang Wilfred on the right.

Before leaving for the Bamenda and Yaounde meeting  respectively gathered the Anglophone consortium had prepapred what they will be handing to the PM and his team. Attached copy below please read through carefully.

It is vital to add in this report that some information is circulating within bamenda that a secret meeting is going on simultaneously with other Secondary School Trade Union Leaders (TAC, BATTUC, CEWOTU and PEATTU) excluding Tassang Wilfred.more deatils.latter.

By Elad Pride



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