Cameroon-20 May: Biya bans the use of mobile phones inside Unity palace

View of the presidential palace in Yaoundé.

85-year-old president Paul Biya inpower for 35 years has banned the use of mobile phones inside the Unity palace on the evening of May 20 during the reception ceremony .

“Mobile phones are banned at the unit’s palace on the evening of May 20th. They can be kept outside, according to state own radio CRTV last Thursday evening, this is one of the requirements to be made by those invited by the presidential couple, Paul and Chantal Biya.

The decision by Etoudi brings to light the controversy on the internet cuts in two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

For some, presidential security wants to avoid people from seeing the face of the 85 years old president who in some opinion is too “old” to continue to rule a country where the majority is under 35 years.

Others think the presidential clan wants to protect the head of state and prevent any leaks to the social networks, following the scandal which occurred last May 20, 2016, where the vehicle of the president of Cameroon broke down when Biya was talking guard of honour.

Pictures which were Taken by a guest from the grandstands , where circulated worldwide unfortunately. The Cameroonian authorities according to a source are also considering a possible ban on mobile phones on the boulevard of 20 May, Place of the great parade.

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