Cameroon: 30 Nov. 1989-30 Nov. 2016, 27 years after the death of Ahmadou Ahidjo, “the memories are still fresh”.

 Arrival ceremonies for Ahmadou Ahidjo, President of Cameroon to the United States (president John kennedy welcomes the African Leader) 1962 March 13(photo credit kennedy’s library) 


30 November 1989-30 November 2016,marks exactly 27 years since Ahmadou Ahidjo, the first President of Cameroon  died in exile in Dakar, Senegal.27 years after , his remains has still not been repatriated to his country.

If those in power are not prepared bring his remains home, Cameroonians will not forget Ahmadou Ahidjo who was head of state for 21 years (1961-1982).

The memory of the first president of the Republic of Cameroon, is still alive and fresh in the minds of many Cameroonians who unsurprisingly compare the two heads of state who have ruled them till date.

When the country was ruled by the native of Garoua (north ), Cameroon was the candle bearer and pace setter for countries in Central Africa,and was admired as a developing nation within Africa and the rest of the world .

According to his relatives, Ahmadou Ahidjo gave  Cameroonians  lessons by his courage and dynamism. They evoke the gleaming economy of Cameroon, during the time of Ahidjo .

Others say, the first president of Cameroon, was neither the “angel” , nor the “demon” who attempted to paint his opponents.

The current regime in power which has the grudge and persistently refuses  the repatriation of the remains of the former president,  think that Alhijo’s government  benefited from a favorable economic climate , unlike that of Paul Biya, whose rise to power was followed by a sharp economic downturn.

By Evangeline Sih

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