Reports from Yesterday’s meeting of the upper chamber of the national assembly of Cameroon says a Senator of the ruling cpdm party has called on a military officer to kill 30 English speaking Cameroonains.


Before the opening of the meeting , Senator Samuel Obam Assam of the Ntem Valley got up from his seat and walked to Senator Jean Tsomelou, President of the SDF parliamentary group who was  seated and told him to keep up opposing the Cameroon people democtatic movement (cpdm)of president Paul Biya.

After a bitter verbal ex- change source Boris Berlolt   reports  that Cpdm’s Samuel Obam said  his son is a colonel in the army and currently on a mission in the southwest region. He adds that: “I just phoned him and told him that I do not want to see his body coming back. That he himself has to kill 30 English speakin Cameroonains  and I have the means to defend him at the military court. The country belongs to us “.

Samuel Obam Assam was making these serious remarks while tapping on the back of Jean Tsomelou. The situation  degenerated when the RDPC Senator  clarify that the dialogue that the SDF will not have the dialogue them are asking for  because the senators of the largest opposition party in Cameroon and their deputies are secessionist. It was then that a sharp altercation triggers between the two men.

Other senators and security guards jumed in to separate the two men.Upon arrival, Niat Njifendi, Speaker of the Senate was told of the situition of which he  replies he was not there when the events happened and therefore can not say anything.

For almost two weeks now, the SDF has been blocking parliament and calling for the inclusion of the curent anglophone crisis on the agenda for the November session. A claim that currently receives opposition from the ruling  CPDM party.

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