Cameroon :A Pastor in Yaounde sentenced for sucking the breasts of a 13 year old girl

The Mfoundi High Court  in Yaoundé, on 2 December, found a pastor guilty of corrupting a Youth called “Mami”. He was sentenced to one year in prison and will pay legal costs amounting to 52 050 FCFA.

In case of non-payment of fees, he could serve an additional imprisonment of six months.Also He must  pay 500,000 FCFA to the girl’s parents for damage suffered.


In its edition of December 5, 2016 the Kalara newspaper reported that the  Mami’s mother said  on the morning of May 25, 2015, back from the market, she had to knock for over twenty minutes before Mami will   opened the door.

Once inside, she found her daughter in the company of the pastor of his church,who is an inhabitant of the same neighborhood in Yaounde.



The pastor said he came to charge his phone.According to mother “The house was a mess, toilet paper everywhere.because of this, I imagined that he had sex with my girl “.

Questioned to Mami revealed to her mother that the pastor asked her to undress and perform a traditional dance infront of him. It was during the dance that the “pastor took the opportunity to fondle her breasts, which he then sucked,” gathered.

Her parents immediately filed a complaint against the pastor for rape. But  medical certificate didn’t confirm the act took place.

The “Man of God”, aged about fifty years, acknowledged to have caressed and sucked the breasts of the girl. He says he came  to charge his phone and conversation with the girl turned to sexuality. An act he now regrets.

He also said that the girl undressed on her own accord.

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