Cameroon: Anglophone Activists Being Systematically Abducted by Plain Cloth Men in Unmarked Cars

Kuyase Leonard Sahfan, a security guard with G4S Security Company in Bonapriso, Douala, abducted on December 21, whereabouts still unknown.



Key players in the fight for the independence of the Southern Cameroons are reportedly being arrested across the country. People suspected of being involved or heavily involved in the current struggle have recently gone either “missing” or seen being whisked off in vans. This was the case with one Kuyase Leonard Sahfan, a security guard with G4S Security Company in Bonapriso, Douala.

Family sources told The Cameroon Journal that Sahfan was last seen on the 21st of December as he left for work. Eyewitness accounts at the scene where he was seen being kidnapped say that he was kidnapped as he approached his work station at Marché des Fleurs in Bonapriso Douala, not far from the operations centre of the said company.

The witnesses stated that they saw two people approached him that morning at about 6.30AM at gunpoint and forced him into a van with tinted windows which took off immediately.




Sahfan who hails from Kumbo in the Northwest Region, is alleged to have been very involved with the
Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) and is said to have played a vital role in the composition of the Southern Cameroons national anthem.

However, it remains unclear whether his arrest had anything to do with his involvement with the SCNC though speculations on the part of his family and friends are rife that this could be the reason for his

Speaking to the Cameroon Journal via phone, Sahfan’s wife said, “The last time I saw my husband was in the morning of December 21st as he left for work. Neighbours at his work place called us to say they saw him being taken away by armed men in a van that had no registration number. I immediately rushed out of the house but when I got there, the car had long left.” The wife said.




The Cameroon Journal asked if she knew of anyone that would have want to arrest her husband
and she said she did not. She was certain however that his involvement with the SCNC and the recent upheavals in the NW and SW Regions had something to do with his arrest.
She added that a friend of Sahfan’s from the SW who was also steadfast proponent in the fight for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons by name, Aselacha Martins was nowhere to be found after her husband went missing. Martin’s

number has also not been going through. Speculations are that since the duo were good friends with a common love for the Southern Cameroons, they may have been arrested for the same reasons common love for the Southern Cameroons, they may have been arrested for the same reasons.


Sahfan’s wife (whose identity the Cameroon Journal will conceal for security reasons), told the Journal that she has combed every police station for the husband, along with personnel from the head office of G4S where he used to work, but to no avail.

Over the years, several SCNC activists have gone “missing” or were seen being carted off in similar circumstances like Sahfan’s.





Meanwhile, a dialogue meeting between gov’t and Anglophone teachers who have been on strike since November 21st was foiled on Tuesday after the teachers insisted on “the release of every child arrested before discussions can hold. Even those who died in prison must be accounted for”. They demanded.

Such arbitrary arrests have become common place since Common Law Lawyers and Anglophone teachers began their strikes in the NW and SW Regions.

Sahfan and wife have two daughters who have not seen their father since December 21. She is hoping that he can be released from custody and anyone with information about his whereabouts can contact the Cameroon Journal.


Source:Cameroon Journal

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