Cameroon :Anglophone Consortium and co to run Radio and TV station from Neighboring country

The Consortium and it’s agents on the home front has reached an Agreement to run our Radio station from Neighboring country. The agreement involved training our staff to run the radio, training technicians to maintain the equipment, and providing us the ability to operate and broadcast.

Another agreement reached to operate our satellite TV Station from neighboring country. It will require our families home to purchase satellite dish that cost about 20,000frs or more. Some people already have these..
The Initial agreement reached to operate our government from neighboring country. Serious diplomatic arrangements are being finalized to host our government and facilitate it while we take back our nation. More details on this but can not be put in the public.
UN Refugee Commission has opened an account for Southern Cameroon and declared three registration points for those running from harm’s way. Calabar, Inogu, and Lagos. Funding has been allocated and registration began today. They will receive accommodation upkeep and medical insurance card.
More deplomatic meeting has been lined up by the home front and updates will follow.
Home front is considering the safety of Hon Wirba and Mr Tassang. As neighboring country has offered them opportunity to operate the the government of Southern Cameroon from there. Concern is about their safety. Neighboring country will provide housing and some security but is that enough. So question is should we move them here or should we provide direct personal security just in case foreign country security is compromised.
The fact finding mission the African Civil Society Consortium for the AU and UN will be releasing their facts in a press conference on Monday in London. The presence of the press will be massive. They will repeat the same thing in Kenya, South Africa and Washington DC. Dates will be announced

In conclusion our coordinator Pastor Daniel will announce the way forward after these updates. Recording of these information is in safe keeping but can not be made public.

By the T-SISC Coordinators.




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