Cameroon-anglophone crisis ‬: Bambili Christians Revolt Against Their Parish Priest, Calls For His Imminent Transfer

st peter’s church Bambui


Christians in Bambili today Revolted Against Their Parish Priest and called For His Imminent Transfer.

It happened during Church service at the Ntsewhi Catholic Mission, the Parish Priest, Fr. Roger who happens to be a Francophone after mass declared that parents should send their children to school tomorrow Monday 6th February. The Christians reacted violently shouting that no school tomorrow and part of the congregation walk out of the church in a protest action when he was still at the altar.

Sister publication Bareta press adds that after the mass, the Christians remained at the church premises protesting against what the priest said in church. Some were calling for his imminent transfer.

Meanwhile  in BABESSI, Ngoketunjia Division in West Cameroon, the people exceptionally opened their traditional market day today Sunday instead of tomorrow Monday following the declaration of GHOST TOWN by Cameroon Civil Society Consortium .

Thousands of people from neighboring villages rush in to buy food stuffs in preparation for ghost town Monday.

“They say they cannot forget those in detention and those on the run. As for them, the school year is over. One old lady could be heard saying “My pikin dem, we don suffer too much, time for free from french man don reach”

By Mark Bareta

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