Cameroon-Anglophone crisis: English-speaking bishops at the PM

Worried about the anglophone crisis that has plagued the social climate in the Northwest and South-West Regions in recent times, the English-speaking bishops of the Provincial Episcopal Conference of Bamenda (BAPEC) met with Philemon Yang, the head of government On 31 January.

During the meeting in which Jacques Fame Ndongo, the Minister of Higher Education (MINESUP) also took part, they asked the Government to reopen the negotiations begun with all the parties involved in the Anglophone problem. With a view to finding a definitive solution to this problem.

In addition to the demand for the resumption of negotiations, the bishops of the Anglophone regions deplored the stoppage of courses and the paralysis of activities in these English-speaking Regions. According to these bishops, the lifting of strikes and the return of all children to classrooms depend on the success of negotiations between the Government and teachers’ unions.

This is the “second outing of the Bishop’s Episcopal Conference on the Crisis Which puts the North-West and South-West Regions under the spotlight. ”

As a reminder, through a memorandum dated December 22, 2016 addressed to the Head of State, the English-speaking bishops gave their point of view on the current crisis. They said the situation was unsustainable and then presented the consequences on various life plans such as education. On the other hand, they were outraged at the fact that the negotiations today in stand-by have failed to put an end to the dispute.

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