Cameroon-Anglophone crisis: Ghogomo Surrenders, Dissolves Adhoc Committee & Say My Part Is Over. .

The chairman of the ad hoc interministerial committee created to propose and bring solution Prof Paul Ghogomo has just wash his hands clean like the biblical Pontius Pilate.
The director of cabinet at the prime minister’s office who during delibrations in Bamenda spoke in the french language has released his final communiqué stating categorically that his ad hoc committee has come to its end.
In the release Prof Ghogomo Paul Mingo reiterated that his committee couldn’t go ahead with discussions patterning to the Anglophone brouhaha but disclosed that Proprietors and Parents Association were for the fact that schools should resume while the Teachers Trade unions refused to call of the strike.
He also said he has forwarded the report of his committee-work to the Prime Minister and Head Of Government Philemon Yang for onward transmission to the Presidency of the Republic.
It is now left for the President of the Republic of Cameroon His excellency Paul Biya to decide.

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