Cameroon -Anglophone crisis :Mayor of Mamfe sentenced to Death

Mayor of Mamfe, Ayuk Takunchung

The mayor of Mamfe, Ayuk Takunchung has been sentenced to death by the entire population of Mamfe town. Reports from Mamfe reveal that he’d, earlier this morning rallied market men and women, motor park boys to persuade them to send their children to school. But they all arose as one man to attack the mayor who escaped to an undisclosed location. The people of Mamfe have tagged him a personal non-grata.

Meanwhile, still in Mamfe, a gendarme officer was smatched to death at about 12:15 AM by a bus at the Mamfe Check Point. He’d chased the bus with his motor cycle … the bus driver reversed and grinded him to death.

Elsewhere in Manyu, boys of Kembong village blocked trailers carrying timber. They claim that their forests are being deforested and taken to ‘foreign lands’. The D.O for Eyumojock sent gendarmes who arrested five of the boys. They are currently being held at the Mamfe Police Station. It is alledged that the SDO for Manyu, Peter Tieh Ndeh (who’d earlier been sentenced to death by the population) collects 150,000 Frs from drivers of these trailers and trucks to ply the Bamenda – Mamfe road.

Call Mr. AKO Abunaw who’s on the ground to throw more light on these events: 679730575.

My reaction:

1. The arrested in Mamfe adds to the list of those who MUST be released before any dialogue;

2. The light of the yesteryears Mamfe has just been reinkindled and NO ONE CAN PUT IT OUT;

3. Share this message to the ends of the earth so that we get to know who our traitors are.

Culled AKOSON pauline .


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