Cameroon -Anglophone crisis: Samuel Kleda on mission to Bamenda

Bishop Samuel Kleda

The President of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, who also moonlight as the Archbishop of Douala, Msgr. Samuel Kleda accompanied by Msgr. Piero Pioppo the Apostolic Nuncio in Cameroon, are expected in the capital of the Northwest do everything possible to end the current strikes in the West Cameroon.

This information is relayed by the French daily Le messenger of 13 th February, 2017.

The difficult and complex mission has not been made public yet . But well-established sources indicate that, unless last minute change, two prelates and of the Roman Catholic Church in Cameroon, are in the next few days going to Bamenda, the regional capital of the Northwest Region, Which for nearly three months like other parts of Southern Cameroons has lived to the rhythm of the anglophone crisis.

Faced with the hardening of the positions of the anglophone strikers, but above all the recovery of this strike movement by the populations of the so-called English-speaking regions, who, despite the strike of the unionists last weekend, expressed their determination to pursue the And by refusing to send the children to school, the Yaounde power wants to play its vatout. The primary goal for Paul Biya is to save the school year 2016/2017 in the entire country.


As a reminder, it was on 27 October, 2016 that the “hostilities” were triggered in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, notably by the launching of the demands of English-speaking lawyers. The government  despised their protest and On November 7, 2016, after calling for support from the main opposition party, the Sdf in Bamenda, English-speaking lawyers organized a strike in front of the courthouse of Bamenda. The same strike took place in Buea and continued the following days,  as the teachers also come into action.

A serious blunder of law enforcement officials, including the police who are dispatched to the Buea courthouse and clubbed the English lawyers, tear off phones, dresses and wigs so that the Yaounde power will realize the ” The extent of what has become the anglophone crisis.

Biya who has lost control of English-speaking Cameroon is dispatching these two prelates to Bamenda as international pressure increases for the regime to end human rights abuses.

It is not expected that the visit of these two men of God to Bamenda will bear any fruits. Because  the mission is quite difficult in the face of frustrated and disillusioned populations who seem to be conditioning the return to dialogue with the government of the Republic, among other things, the halting of legal proceedings and the unconditional release of the leaders and other members of the consortium and Of the Scnc today imprisoned in Yaoundé.


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