Cameroon – Anglophone crisis: Supreme Court Attorney general could be forced to retire

Paul Ayah Abine, Advocate General of the Supreme Court / PAA

The Government of Cameroon is considering the retirement of  of 65 years old Justice Ayah Paul Abine as a solution to the “puzzle” that the latter represents to the regime following his arrest.
His status as a magistrate offers him a privilege of jurisdiction and He should no longer be detained at the Secretary of State for Defense.

Ayah Paul  Abine who is a group 1 magistrate  and the general counsel to the Supreme Court of Cameroon is more than 20 days of detention in the offices of the Secretary of State for Defense (SED) in charge of the Gendarmerie.

Abducted from his home on Saturday, January 21, 2017 in the evening, the senior magistrate has decided not to say anything in connection with the investigation opened on him, a strategy that seems to bother his accusers.

According to the Kalara newspaper  there is no longer  any reason to detained the current advocate General at the Supreme Court at the SED since the group 1 magistrate  has refused to participate in the police investigation. He is expected to be released or taken to the Government Commissioner at the Military Court of Yaoundé for possible detention in a security house. This pending the completion of the investigation.

Magistrate Ayah Paul  Abine has a privilege of jurisdictional and in principle, can not be charged without the prior intervention of the President of the Supreme Court.

“According to Article 629 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, when a magistrate of the judiciary is liable to be charged with an offense, the competent public prosecutor submits an application to the President of the Supreme Court, who designates One judge charged with investigating the case and three others, with a rank less equal to the one in question, with a view to the eventual judgment of the case in the first instance. The President of the Supreme Court then indicates the city where the case will be judged, ” the article reads.
Justice Ayah’s arrest therefore, was a clear bridge of the law and the responds from his collegues from supreme court following arrest has been very questionable.

Ayah Paul Abine is accused of being the leader of the separatists.

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