Cameroon-Anglophone Crisis:FruNdi mocks Philemon Yang’s follies

-Says the PM’s last outing in B’da only exposed him to ridicule and made him a subject of scorn
By Nche Jude Mbah in Yaounde

Fru Ndi
Since the dawn of the crisis that hit the two Anglophone regions in Cameroon which resulted to endless strikes, efforts by the government to resolve the problems so that Anglophone lawyers could go back to courts and children return to the classrooms has proven futile.
Only recently, the Prime Minister and head of government made another failed trip to the NW region that attracted a lot of criticisms both in Cameroon and the Diaspora. It was the third time the PM was failing to restore peace in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.
In his messages Philemon Yang ceaselessly stressed the fact that parents should send their children to school, a plea that failed before his own very eyes.
“I learned that the Prime Minister was in the city. He did not invite me; it is not by force that teachers and students will return to classrooms. They expected the head of government to come and talk to them and ask for what they wanted. He did not do that. He came to tell them what to do. This is not the way to go about the problem. He should stop ridiculing himself. The Government must engage in frank dialogue,” said Ni John FruNdi, SDF Chairman.

Observers said this recalcitrance of Anglophones to the PM’s serial pleas only betray his resort to the wrong “medication” to remedy a deep-seated and very festering “ailment”. It also suggests that the government is evidently at a loss of solutions to the crisis that is now in its fifth month.






“Anglophones are demanding a broad-based and long lasting solution to the myriads of frustrations they face in Cameroon. To them whether their children go to school or not will not help in solving the problem,” said a commentator who opted for anonymity.
He added: “The crisis may just be a golden opportunity for the government to re-strategize and organize an open, broadbased and frank dialogue with Anglophones in a bid to come up with lasting solutions to the Anglophone problem.”
SDF Chairman, NI FruNdi

Source :The Median Newspaper 

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