Unidentified individuals have successfully set ablaze the administrative block of Government Bilingual High School Nitop, completely destroying everything in the principal’s office on the night of Sunday February 5, at about 10 pm, at the height of the Cameroon Vs Egypt encounter.

The prompt intervention of the Bamenda Army Rescue Unit prevented the fire from extending into the other officers in the block. Two modern photocopiers, printers, computers and other important office document and the entire cabinet of the office were razed down by the flames. An official of the school said they were informed by a neigbour about the fire, a few minutes after it was set ablaze, but could not prevent it beacuse the principal’s office was locked. They had to call the Army Rescue Unit to intervene.

Bamenda Online was informed that this act was carried to serve as a warning to Francophone students of the school who had been attending classes during this period and were planning to resume school in full today after the announcement on CRTV that the strike by Anglophone teachers has been called off.


By the time this reporter reached the scene, many students of the francophone section, all dressed in assorted clothing could be seen loitering around the campus, all visible shocked by the act. I could hear one expressed in French “Bamenda est devenu bizarre, moi je ne suis plus la” literally translated as “Bamenda is becoming unbearable, I’m no longer part of this”

At the same time, some military men in uniform, mostly police and gendarmes could be seen picking up their children from GBHS Nitop. Many residents believe that some francophone have either been paid or are deliberately out to sabotage the teachers’ strike.

modern photocopiers burn down

modern photocopiers burn down

GBHS Nitop did not reopened today

GBHS Nitop did not reopened today

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports say the school bus of GHBS Atiela and the private car of the Principal of GBHS Up Station have been burn to ashes by unidentified individuals. Word around town is that they are those doing everything to have classes resume in their schools. Others have been quick to point out that these are administrators whose hands are virtually tied and there is nothing they can do about it.

And as usual since the civil disobedience started, no school effectively resumed in Bamenda today, as another episode of ghost town was in full swing despite all the announcements and calls over CRTV that the crisis has been effectively put to rest with a call-off of the strike by the representatives of some of the teachers’ trade union.

Source :Bamendaonline

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