Cameroon-anglophone crisis:The Consortium is Bigger

Three heads are better than four!!

The consortium is bigger than Barr.Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem Mr. Tassang, Barr.Eyambe, Barr.Bobga, Mr.Mark Bareta, Mr. Tapang Ivo, bigger than you and I because both Angels and God are involved in this struggle.

So make no mistake please!!!And to the destructors who would want to cash in to the current imbroglio in a bit to settle some hidden agenda in the face of this menace, know that those duo you are trying to make mockery of have been there for each and everyone of us when the stakes were very high.

These duo are not only Activists but double as comrades in arms in the southern Cameroons. Struggle and they deserve our maximum appreciation and respect for standing so tall amidst great danger.

No one should ever dare undermine nor use the current state of affairs to discredit the works of these heroes for you are not only playing to the gallery but you are killing the struggle and the god of Karma shall see into your respective stance.

Unity is better than strive.Three heads are better than four.

By Ashu Shamy.


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