PM Yang’s mission has been an impromptu visit since the Presidency is under fire from international community. For the past week in the region the welcome has not been the best. The majority of the population is requesting the installation of the internet and a release of all those SCs arrested.

The reason the PM is receiving outright rejection in all Divisions of the NWR is the approach to this problem. People almost went mad in Fundong when he asked “How many people use internet in Kom?”. While some Kom people took this as the latest display of stupidity & ignorance of PM Yang, others took it as an unpardonable insult on the Kom people.

His next stop will be other divisions. Sources say the people of Nso are planning to welcome Yang with the biggest Ghost town in history tomorow. PM will soon meet a diamond wall not as huge as that of Donald Trump though. History tells us that the mistakes Philemon is trying to complete is what his father Tandeng Muna left as betrayers. The Munas had fail as fathers. Spending Cameroon tax payers money for failed missions in NW makes no sense.

The blame game on Ministers continues for the irreparable damage they have caused to the whole handling of the crisis. Diplomatic Missions are taking their rounds at the Presidency with the British Government releasing documents to prove that La Republique never wanted Southern Cameroons and consequently failed signing some vital documents for the union. My Brothers and Sisters, history has written that waiting for the so called UN, USA, UK etc is just a waste of time and unrealistic. If you lived in the Western world then you will know what am talking about they do things on their own pace and interests.

Today, we see a payback time for Mr. PM. Most inhabitants of Bamenda ask why he bothers himself with the visit to NW. The population said the PM once mentioned he is not their PM some 7yrs ago: “I have been appointed as the Prime minister of Cameroon and not the Prime minister of North West”, so the Bamenda people haven’t forgotten, they see NO REASON to sympathize or even listen to him. They say they have never seen a SON who climbs on a plum tree and turns to throw down the red plums to his on family while the black plums are being thrown to strangers.

His mission to the NW is clear, since the French officials and the Cameroon Government are regretting the losses they stand to suffer including SONARA, CDC, etc. FAME NDONGO, LAURENT ESSO, Minister of Secondary Education, etc. have annoyed the President the most. A Presidential visit to Bamenda is contemplated between next week and month end, but yet to be decided upon as we hear, to come plead with the NW people for National Unity.

The PM has never been a politician and he spent most of all his career years abroad as a diplomat and circumstances have led him to be politicking but worst for him, being not long in the political playing field of Cameroon, he probably spending time on the Anglophone region/issues to built and make political friends and foundation. Solving the Anglophone problem for him shall ever be a nightmare and he will meet more with embarrassment and derangement on the front.

He is still talking about school resumption and problems of teachers and lawyers again. We know Biya has already resolve their problems. The problem at hand is the anglophone problem which is federation or separation. Whatever the case maybe, he is not the cause of the issue at stake and the greatest way to appease the people is to quit the scene and safe himself and forever gain more support from the popular out cry about the regime.

I remember when this PM Yang was appointed ,the whole NW was so excited, they sang to him all types of Praises with the hope that things are going to be far more better for them.They thought they will from henceforth eat only black plums as their own son is now on the plum tree. haha. But that was not the case.

It amazed me that all Southern Cameroonian so called head of government has never represented the Anglophone community so to say in their political campaign. From Pa Funcha to PM Yang their struggle has always and continue to be to improve the lives of the government not the people. The few that stood for the Anglophone homeland now in blessed memory didn’t have the chance to do so (Jua, Abelt Mukong, Fon Gorji Dinka, Feko Vincent). Yang mission to the Northern counties isn’t to improve situations on the ground. He is obnoxious and apocalyptic like his boss Biya.


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