Cameroon-Anglophone problem: Biya Admits Failure,CONSORTIUM should stay on cause-Ayah Paul


Mr. President told the whole world live on January 6, 2017, that his government has failed and is incapable of resolving the Anglophone problem. He pleaded with Mr. Garga Hamman, an ex-minister, to bail out his government.
Ayah did post that Mr. President had surrendered and this appears to vindicate him.
As it is, smarting from their having been proved of less value than a single individual, the ministers and their collaborators are on edge and would go out aggressively this weekend in a desperate bid to end the strike by hook or by crook…

The consortium and other stakeholders in the Anglophone cause may wish to constantly have in their contemplation the danger of retreating at this crucial point when the entire establishment is in chaotic desperation.
Human blood should never ever be spilt in vain!
By Ayah Paul Abine


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