Cameroon -Anglophone Problem: The Phenomenon Called “Wirbalization”

Politics like journalism is a gung ho business, but it’s not a zero-sum game. This is so because both campaign for scoops, access, and sources, but are, effectively, not on the same side. That is why Expressionists have likened Hon. Joseph Wiba, the MP for Jakiri in Bui Division to Martin Luther King Jr for gapping the most essential in perspective. Hon. Joseph Wirba is embodied with the spirit of lion known as courage. A man who believes that when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.

Wirbalization” is the new phenomenon in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. It is a new-fangled wields that has taken Anglophones in Cameroon like storm. Until the video of Hon. Joseph Wirba went viral on the social media, no one knew the manner of man he is. No one ever imagine that there such a slave who has risen in the master’s house with sheer drive and enthusiasm to the point of asking questions. Hon. Joseph Wirba, the Member of Parliament for Jakiri is not a man to pigeon-hole with when it comes to the Anglophone problem in Cameroon. Admirers call him the descendant of the warrior of Nso.  And he doesn’t put out of sight his gnash to outshine at what he is (Representative of the People) which has as moved him up to the ladder of credit for it. Addressing Parliament and the Government bench with twisted face, quick wit and impeccable English, Hon. Wirba wondered whether West Cameroon was conquered in a war.

Hon. Wirba

Hon. Joseph Wirba’s rally in Kumbo tells the nitty gritty of what has become a cause. From all indications, he is a darling of the masses. His down-to-earth nature beats all sorts of arrogance that is the tool of many politicians’ nowadays. Thousands gathered in Kumbo to hear him talk. To a vast majority of youth, Wirba is the 21st century hero. At his rally in Kumbo on January 14, 2017 he created the unexpected in ping-pong game with local administrators as he stood firm that he is a man of no compromises, and no half measures.

Already, he has covered more milestone than many politicians who have been there for scores of years. It couldn’t have been easy, surely.  Who said it was, or is? Only one who does nothing faces no problems. Problems and challenges are as true as night and day. Yet he goes for them without the blink of an eye.

Source:The Eye Newspaper

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