Cameroon-Anglophone problem:The video of the Bitter Truths Banned by the Government

An interview granted by Justice Ayah Paul Abine’s on STV -Cameroon was not rebroadcast on  Sunday 18th ,Wednesday 21st  and Saturday 24th of December ,2016 as programmed.The rebroadcast we are told was ban by the CPDM regime who thinks that the bitter truth about the Anglophone situation was too dangerous to be aired again and again. Attached below is the banned  video in which Ayah Strike the following points:

  •  that “reunification” is a fiction;
  •  the false imprisonment of G11;
  •  the secession of Yaounde from any “reunification” in 1984 and 1990 …
    Incredible that the New Deal is unable up to now to understand that a lamp shines even under the table.

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