Anglophone soldiers have also presented their worries to the president of the republic of Cameroon, Mr Paul Biya claiming to join the Anglophone struggle in no time different from now.


According to a report by the news daily the National Telegraph on the 30th of December, 2016 , Since they stepped into far north in September 5th 2015, the amount of torture and poor implementation of justice on them has been few of the many aspects of marginalisation of anglophone military of which the government keep paying deaf ears to their complaints.






Their voices “Every day, we are traumatized by the enemy with attacks wich one can hardly count. Many of our brothers die, we bear all the heart aches and we’ve spent a year knowing that we will be replaced in order to let us rest if at all we come back.

Yet the government completely relegates us to the background. September’s promise to replace us was absolutely abortive on any anglophone Army meanwhile French colleagues were peacefully return to their various towns leaving us here as a prey to an unknown beast “. …. .

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