Cameroon :Arch-bishop of Bamenda calls on the BIYA’s regime to urgently listen to current crisis in Anglophone regions

Cornelius ESUA,Arch-bishop of Bamenda
Arch-Bishop Fontem Cornelius ESUA has called on the government of Paul Biya to urgently call a meeting with the Lawyers, teachers, and other stakeholders.

In a letter to Christians dated the 10th of December, 2016 of which has attached a copy below,the Bishop of the ecclesiastical province of Bamenda mentioned the Anglophone problem.

Bishop ESUA  says from what he has seen, the people are ready to give up their lives for this course.

The Archbishop, himself an Anglophone, is also asking the CPDM Government to demilitarised Bamenda as this will only incite the people more.
This is what the Bishop of Bamenda wrote

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