Cameroon arrest France24 Reporter Zigoto Tchaya for interviewing Barrister Bobga in Bali

France 24 Reporter Zigoto Tchaya is getting reports that Zigoto Tchaya who is reporting on the Bamenda incidents for France 24 was arrested today by the Biya regime .


In a message after his arrest Zigoto Tchaya wrote ;´I have been arrested in Bamenda. They took me alone with camera in Bali as soon as I just interviewed Barrister Bobga and I was about to get into the car. A host of masked and dark security officers surrounded the car and asked me to follow them. I asked why, they said it’s an order from Yaounde! I told them that am receiving instructions from France and not yaounde or Cameroon government! They got annoyed and bundled me up into their van. I am now at the security service in the office of the governor of the north west region´”


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