Cameroon-As DO bans English newspapers: English readers tear-off French newspapers at Kumba kiosks

Newspaper stand

The Anglophone struggle took a different twist in Kumba recently when irate English language newspapers readers on Wednesday 21 December 2016 walked up to the main newspapers kiosk and pulled off all French language newspapers and other publications on the newsstands.
The irate readers said they resorted to the action after the news vendor refused to heed their several warnings for him to also display English language newspapers on the stands for sale. The vendor had heeded an instruction from the DO of Kumba for him to stop displaying English Language newspapers on the stands. The Do’s decision was aimed to put an end to persons gathering in front of the kiosk to read and analyze the headlines.
Sources say the DO believed that most of the riots in Kumba have taken their root from discussions and debates in front of the kiosk.

Ever since the DO’s ban one month ago, the owner of the main newspaper kiosk in Kumba has not displayed any English language newspapers on the stands. He only sells to people who avail themselves inside the kiosk. The readers say this is unacceptable, as it infringes on their right to information.
It is worthy to note that the French language newspapers were pulled off without any resistance from the vendor.
With the ongoing Anglophone teachers and Common Law Lawyers strikes, readers have however continued to queue up at the kiosk to buy their cherished newspapers and other publications from indoors.

Source:The Median Newspaper

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