Cameroon :Atleast 2 killed in Kumba -SouthWest Region

Kumba protesters earlier today is getting reports that security forces have killed at least two  in Kumba today in one of the current Anglophone protest which has spread all over the Northwest and Southwest regions.

Our source says Kumba and Fiango market remained closed throughout the day as there was less circulation in K-town.

The commissioner of police in Kumba was  able to engage in dialogue with the population since the protest started but things changes when  some strange security men sent by the regime in power arrived Kumba and started being violent. The men in uniform opened fire killing two, gathered

Photos credit -Angelbert Nde


In Mutengene the situation remains tense throughout the day . While Bamenda seems to have experienced relative claimed in greater part of the day.

About ten people have so far lost their lives in this current Southern Cameroonians crisis with la Republic du Cameroun  .

By hillman Muntang for

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