Cameroon-Ayah at Mfoudi court: “Like Consortium leaders, you Abducted me because am an Anglophone”

Justice AYAH Paul SPITS Fire at Closed Court Session “…You did not arrest but abducted me because I am anglophone. A similar thing you did to the Consortium leaders…” – A friend, the wife of one of the prosecuting lawyers hinted me.

  • – Prof Maurice Kamto, Barister Kisob answer present to defend Ayah Paul;
  • No evidence presented by the state of La Republique warranting AYAH’s arrest;
  • The Commissioner for government who ought to represent the state ‘fell sick early this morning”;
  • AYAH lectures court on judicial proceedings to the embarrassment of the Mfoundi High Court president who kept nodding in the aggreement the entire time.

Justice AYAH Paul Abine

Like I did inform you all earlier today, the Deputy Attorney General of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice AYAH Paul Abine who doubles as President of Popular Action Party, PAP appeared in close session earlier at 11:00 AM before the Mfoundi High Court. Notoriously absent was the Commissioner for Government who had to represent the state of La Republique. The excuse his errand boys provided was that, ‘he fell sick early this morning’.


Regular judicial proceedings warrant that AYAH’s lawyers should have been served with all documents pertaining to the case. La Republique’s legal department were able to present some fake documents only today in court. But the Great God of Heaven was and continues to be with AYAH. They failed to present the warrant of arrest. AYAH was calm, focused and in high spirits. He was occasionally seen helping his own lawyers on his they had only a fair grasp of. The judicial gymnastics of this very learned Chief Justice may have caused the lawyers and judges of La Republique to contemplate GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. AYAH began with the first illegality by quoting Section 119 (4) of the Penal Code which forbids the arrest of persons on the weekend. AYAH, it should be noted, was bundled out of his Tam-Tam residence by heavily armed men on SATURDAY January 21, 2017. Secondly, the Lord Justice cited Section 629 of the Criminal Procedure Code that clearly spells out the judicial procedures for a judge of his caliber to be arrested; prominent amongst which is the fact that three judges equal to or superior in rank to Justice AYAH were competent enough to form a panel to ONLY interrogate and not effect an arrest. More so, for such a panel to be constituted, the order had to come through the Head of his department, in this case, the Attorney General of the Supreme Court. All of these procedures were flouted!


Chief Justice AYAH’s judicial ‘homily’ got the President of the Mfoundi High Court nodding in the affirmative all through. At one instance, the lectures were so embarrassing to the Biya camp in ways that there was complete dead silence… and then AYAH challenged the prosecution team to brandish any evidence warranting that he be arrested even if they did not have the right to arrest him. The judges turned with expectation to the direction of the prosecution team who replied with a gaze of complete bewilderment by a skew of eyebrows. They had no evidence. Fearless Justice AYAH seized the occasion to inform whoever cared to listen that his gut feeling tells him that Laurent Esso (Minister of Justice), Rene Emmanuel SADI (Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation), Jacque Famme NDONGO (Minister of Higher Education), Issa TCHIROMA BAKARY (Minister of Commuincation) in complicity with top notch anglophones were behind the embarrassment of the state.


By the end of AYAH’s judicial discourse, some judges and the entire prosecuting team looked pale and embarrassed. They were so much outplayed such that they refused to return greetings after the court session. This report would be incomplete without mentioning that, all through the session, the prosecution team did not, even for once, object to what AYAH said the entire time.

Verdict is due next Tuesday March 21, 2017.




My Comment: When such a case is as clear as daylight, the judges need not recess to proclaim verdict. Excerpt, in the event where some high and mighty hand would want to influence the ruling. The Mfoundi High Court must follow the law. Meanwhile, the court of public opinion, favourably looks upon AYAH’s prayer for habeas corpus… and is therefore released as by law provided!


From a federalist to an ‘independentist’. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free!

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