Cameroon – Bamenda: Banks worry about uncertainty caused by Internet cuts!

The situation is becoming more and more unbearable for banks and financial institutions located in the city of Bamenda Northwest Region. Clients of these banks and financial structures have tight mines and eventually get tired after long hours waiting to be served. These pictures also describe the personnel who also carry their share of problems. The solution to their present difficulties, is the return to the good flow of the Internet in their city. On the decision of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications this city and other regions of the English-speaking regions were cut off from the internet. Prey to the anglophone crisis visibly it was the Government’s intention to prevent the “spread of false news“.

Today, according to the presidents of some micro-finance cooperatives in Bamenda, the Internet connection comes back at times but with a very slow flow. “You have to admit that the internet is not completely cut off. It is the flow that is slow. But at times it is very fast and we take the opportunity to restart the maximum on all those who have waited while leaving us the time to wait for the opportune moment. When the Internet works well, we take the opportunity to verify the accounts, to carry out operations quickly, “says Musa Achey Nfor the president of a microfinance cooperative.

However, the consequences of this situation are numerous. One of them reported by the daily newspaper Le Jour of January 31, 2017, is that the banks of the city go back to old habits once left. “To satisfy our customers, we have returned to the old methods of paper and telephone. One consults the paper versions of the documents, one communicates with the sites where the accounts are domiciled to reassure and one has signed the client several times to avoid any error. Except that it is a heavier and slow operation. Customers must understand that it is the requirements that impose it on us. Banks can not operate in uncertainty, “says Musa Achey Nfor once again.


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