Cameroon : Bamenda fight for the release of one of the coffin men(Che Benjy), Fru Ndi answered present (video)

Che Benjy (In black – first picture).

Che Benjy, the friend of the Mancho BBC, the young man who lead the striker Bamenda with a coffin last week has been released by the police this afternoon after a massive crowd headed by motorbike riders who began converging towards the judicial police to demand the liberation of Che Benjy .

He was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday 30 th of November, 2016

Che Benjy who was one of the leaders of last weeks’ strike action was finally released when Ni John Fru Ndi join the DO of Bamenda to negotiate his release.


Things got worse and police used water tanks to blocking the population from storming the police headquarters, a source told .

Our source added that the SDF chairman of Cameroon main opposition party warned that mancho’s friend be released immediately to save blood shed in Bamenda.

Mancho BBC himself has not been seen in public since the last weeks protest but information reaching earlier this week says he is in great shape .

It is still unclear why one of the coffin men arrested today,but by this action Bamenda has sent another powerful massege to the Biya regime , observers say.

Video of crowd jubilation after Che Benjy ‘s release


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