Cameroon-Bamenda: Youths transform highway to football pitch

Some Youths in Ntarikon, fief of SDF Chairman John FRU NDI, have transformed highways to football fields. On Monday January 16, 2017 day two of Ghost Town announced by Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, the youths organized a football match on major road linking Ntarikon and Nchuabuh, a locality in Bamenda.

In other areas in Bamenda such as T-Junction, City Chemist, Mobil Nkwen, Meta Quarters among others, places were quiet as pedestrians walked to their different destinations with the absence of usual Taxis or Commercial Motor Bikes.

Markets remained closed, shops shut down and all banks and money transfer agencies remained closed.

Security forces patrolled the town heavily armed at level of their teeth.

Njinikom Transformed Into Battle Ground

There was tension in Njinikom NJINIKOM today have been transformed into a battle ground with an open confrontation between the youths and the Military Intervention Unit BIR from Bamenda. There was Para military as forces continue to tear gassed the population in the strong hold of NJINIKOM, Wombong down town.

The Mayor of NJINIKOM, Terence Chah Bam negotiated peace with the Divisional Officer for NJINIKOM Bontang Justine to release some bikers arrested.

Several Bikes have been crushed at the gate way to NJINIKOM, Barricade mounted and dismounted across komland today. Some of the Youths arrested who were recently whisked off from block molding sites have been released.

According to the release of the Consortium made public last Saturday, the ghost town continues this Tuesday, Government is yet to make a statement.


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