Cameroon :Barrister Bobga re-instated as President of NOWELA

Barrister Bobga Harmony who was dismissed yesterday by the executive of North West Lawyers Assoociation(NOWELA) after a vote of no confidence has been re-instated according to a communique signed today in Bamenda.

The communique from NOWELA reads thus:





Considering the constitution of NOWELA,Considering the crucial nature of the present common law lawyers struggle,Considering the need for NOWELA to remain focused and united as usual.

we,the NOWELA executive members cum signatories to the resolution of 27/12/2016 dismissing the president:

1)Hereby maintain that we stand by the Constitution of NOWELA.

2)That we hereby withdraw our initial position passing the vote of no confidence on our president and thereby dismissing him.Consequently the resolution dated 27/12/2016 is withdrawn.

3)We state clearly that Barrister Bobga Harmony Mbuton remains the president of NOWELA

Done at Bamenda this 28th of Dec.2016

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