Cameroon :BBC Reporter Randy Joe Sa’a Arrested in Yaoundé

Photo of BBC Reporter Randy Joe Sa’a

It was at the military tribunal in Yaounde today February 1 2017. Randy and other journalists were interviewing lawyers who were expresssing disappointment that the case against the Consortium leaders, Barrister Agbor Balla and others was adjourned.

Reports say soldiers identified the BBC microphone and were arguing that only the crtv was invited. Randy was arrested on the spot. A battery of Cameroonian lawyers. …Ben Muna, Tchoungang, Eta Besong etc are now defending Randy demanding his release.

It is reported that the soldiers are trying to identify whether Randy works for the BBC in chambers as pressure mounts for his release.

Meanwhile consortium leaders were not brought to court for the trial adjourned to February 13.
Reports by Solomon Amabo, human rights journalist.

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