Cameroon becomes Pal Network member

Cameroon, Ghana, and Mozambique have joined the Citizen’s Network for Learning (People’s Action for learning, Pal Network), bringing to 12 the number of members, will be seen on Wednesday in Saly Portudal (West).

These countries were officially admitted to the Pal Network, the second day of its annual meeting in 2016 with the theme: “From Evaluation to Action”.

More than 150 participants from all member countries of the Citizen’s Network for Learning (PAL Network, English acronym), are taking part in the meeting.
Composed of nine countries working in three continents, PAL Network aims to assess skills in literacy and numeracy, to all children, in their homes, through annual assessments by citizens.

The model comes from India in 2005, where it is known by the acronym “ASER” (which means “impact”). In 2008, Pakistan adopted the model by using the same name – ASER Pakistan.

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have joined the network, a year later, and called their initiative “Uwezo” (meaning “ability”).

In 2011, Mali joined the group with the name “kunko” ( “we are in the same boat”).

Senegal will follow shortly after with “Jàngandoo” ( “learning together”), a barometer implemented by LARTES to assess the quality of learning for children aged 6 to 14 years in Senegal.

Nigeria was until, the last country to join the network and called her assessment “LearNigeria”.


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