Opposition SDF MP and darling of the Southern Cameroons cause, Joseph Wirba

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Hon. Wirba Joseph, SDF Member of Parliament and one other MP, Martin Oyono, may have their immunities lifted in the weeks ahead, a reliable source has disclosed to The Cameroon Journal. This is set to happen in an extraordinary session of the National Assembly and the Senate to be convened in the days ahead.

Though reasons for the revocation of immunities of the lawmakers remain unclear, The Cameroon Journal gathered that their ‘crimes’ are not unrelated to acts of repeated insubordination and disrespect of the Standing Orders of the House.

A source in Parliament who confirmed the story to The Cameroon Journal yesterday said Wirba is being accused of preaching rebellion and separation.

We gathered that House speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, Monday held talks with President Paul Biya in the latter’s Mvomeka residence during which the Head of State reportedly Okayed the planned holding of the extraordinary session.

Indeed, the Standing Orders of the National Assembly state inter alia: “The National Assembly shall meet in extraordinary session for a period of not more than 15 (fifteen) days on a fixed agenda at the request of the President of the Republic or of one-third of its members.”

Why their immunities are in danger

The Cameroon Journal has learnt that the two Members of Parliament have committed wide-ranging offences which are at variance with the Standing Orders of the National Assembly. While Hon Wirba is said to have defied the orders of House Speaker, Cavaye Djibril to deliver a close to 12-minute speech on the Anglophone problem during the November session of the Assembly in which he stated without mincing words that Anglophones who are advocating separation from French-speaking Cameroon were right, Hon Martin Oyono for his part, we are told, has been demonstrating acts of insubordination.

In what is now believed to be a springboard that catapulted him to prominence, Hon Wirba, it should be recalled, had taken the National Assembly ‘hostage’ on December 2, 2016 to deliver a speech on the Anglophone problem despite several calls to order by the House Speaker.

Cavaye Yeguie after vain attempts to interrupt Wirba later watched helplessly as the SDF MP from Jakiri delivered his emotional presentation at the hemicycle.

“I am angry and incensed, almost at the point of losing my mind, that police tortured, raped and maimed children in Buea. Our ancestors trusted you but you have betrayed them in this union. We (West Cameroonians) will resist,” Hon thundered as he took to the rostrum on the occasion.

In quoting former US President, Thomas Jefferson, Hon Wirba stated: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” he added: “I am declaring from this rostrum, officially; your law is injustice to my people (Anglophone), we will resist to the last man.”

In a tone seemingly overcome by anger, Wirba told the Assembly that “the people of West Cameroon are not your slaves, they were not your slaves and they will never be!”

It would be recalled that in 2006, Parliament lifted the Immunities of two CPDM members. The Bureau of the National Assembly had unanimously agreed to strip Hon. Edouard Etonde Ekotto and Hon. Booto a Ngon of their immunities who were being prosecuted for embezzlement of state funds.

Source:Cameroon journal

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