Cameroon :Biya’s henchman contacts consortium interim in the NAME of the Presidency

Mark Barata

Former minister of Finance and one time president of the Committee of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central (CEMAC) -Antoine Nsimi is reported to have approached Mark Bareta and Tapang Tanku Ivo claiming he was representing the presidency.

Tapang Ivo
According to a press released by the Anglophone consortium,the former
president of the Committee of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central (CEMAC) during the Skype conversation the  said la République was in pain following crisis in Anglophone Cameroon and that his hero Mr Biya was willing to release the consortium president Dr.Nkongho Agbor, Dr Fontem Neba and others for dialogue to return .

But,Akoson Pauline Diale like many other Cameroonians of the English decent has refused to believe that Nsimi was acting on instructions from the Presidency citing continues and ungoing arrest  in Anglophone Cameroon.

On her Facebook page she says Antoine Nsimi is CLEARLY representing himself and trying his luck.



Antoine Nsimi






“No presidency sent Nsimi’ – an unimpeachable source at the presidency hinted me. She went further to explain that francophone politicians are seeing the anglophone problem as an opportunity for them to come back to government. Most are trying IN THEIR OWN name to help solve the crisis so that in the end they’ll become the hero and be awarded with a ministerial appointment by BIYA. She cited the case of Garga Harman. She explains that it wasn’t Biya who sent for Garga…Garga struggled and worked out audience with the diaper-wearing octogenarian president. Then, Garga grandstood to BIYA that he was closer to ‘anglophone’ opposition politicians and would be able to help resolve the imbroglio. Biya was happy and nodded positively.

Note that immediately Garga got the nod, the first person he called was AYAH. Justice AYAH told him to go meet the Consortium members and wished him good luck. Just after a day, GARGA’s mission crumbled,”Akoson wrote.

She further frowns that Only two days ago, an SDF militant was arrested.” Biya cannot have good faith to initiate dialogue and continues with his arrest.Next time ntisimi calls tell him you want to speak to Biya himself”.

Attached is a release from the consortium detailing the conversation with Antoine Nsimi 

By Elad Pride


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