Cameroon : Camair-Co could soon disappear from civil aviation radar screens


After the all-round closure of Camair-Co’s agencies and representations across Africa and Europe (Paris), finally, the strategy of transferring the Open Sky traffic rights of Camair-Co to Emirates is taking shape.

According to reports,the Minister of Transport, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo. Paul Assoumou Koki, DG of the Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA ) and Ernest Dikoum, General Manager of Camair-Co, are preparing a trip to Ryad (Saudi Arabia) to this effect.

A step that has is highly needed after the state own airline which has suffered gross mismanagement and lack of accountability since its creation dwindled it’s flights to just internal flights.

An option that confirms the objectives that Ernest Dikoum had set himself, after the taking of office last year , against the odds, in spite of the fake roadmap proposed by the  Ohio based Boeing Consulting in America and approved by the Head of State, Mr Paul Biya .


This Cameroonian delegation to Saudi Arabia will have the honor to immolate on the altar occult interests of the star of Cameroon.




Following the news,Etienne P, an expert at the International Association of Air Carriers (Iata) said,”In fact,giving the Emirates the 5th freedom rights to fly opportunity to transport passengers traveling to and from any international airport in Cameroon (Yaoundé, Douala, Maroua and Garoua) is questionable as flying in or destined for all African, European, American, Asian and other countries will give the Emirates company right to imperfectly compete with Camair-Co. ”

He explained that “Emirates, like Etihad or Qatar Airways, has a huge financial base and an impressive fleet of last generation. In addition to this, there are various subsidies received from their states, such as fuel, tax reduction and the granting of royalties.How can we imagine that a company like Camair-Co can complete with it in the sky?

This is unacceptable and the Cameroonian authorities must   reason well “. According to him, It goes without saying that Camair-Co could disappear from civilian radar control screens.

On the other hand, it can not be ruled out that the granting of this 5th freedom rights entails a demand of the company involved.

Although benefiting from the advantages of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th freedoms in the Cameroonian sky, companies such as Air France, Turkish Airlines or SN Brussels have never missed the opportunity to solicit this 5th freedom. What will happen to the Cameroonian sky in this case, since all these companies would be ready to fulfill all the conditions, including occult. On the board of directors of Camair-Co, it’s the general upheaval. “

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