The Boeing 767-300 the “D’JA” which belongs to Camair-co christened in 2000, by First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya, since 9 November 2015 (some 04 months ago) has been grounded in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopian because of skilful manoeuvres plotted by the DG of Camair-co NANA Sandjo to divert public funds.
Sources close to the Cameroon airline’s Maintenance Department say this BOEING 767-300 which is a property of the state of Cameroon .was sent for servicing late October 2015, A source says this servicing had been programmed since 2014 but as the date approached manoeuvres to delay its departure emerged as usual because of special projects under the direct orders of the GM.
Initially reasons for postponement was to find a suitable workshop in the world where this servicing of the D’ja will take place. An aircraft, which since 2013 has been under contract with Ethiopian Airlines for outsourcing maintenance. Undoubtedly, Ethopian airlines have the reputation and all the necessary equipment for the realization of such a service.
Finally, on November 9, 2015,this plane ‘the Dja‘ was sent to Addis Ababa With the authorisation of the DG of Camair-co, who did not provide substantial payment for its servicing vis-à-vis a debt of more than one million US dollars owed this partner,
Another major fact: some essential parts to be changed during this servicing were not controlled in time, thus more than two weeks after the arrival of the aircraft in Addis Ababa, the work could not commerce on this plane.biya1

In addition to the payment of the servicing by Ethiopian airlines, 3 weeks after arrival in the Ethiopian capital, work had still not started for this aircraft, which was due to returned to Cameroon to perform the flights in the busy season of December 2015.
The DG of Camair-co, NANA SANDJO was using his trickery to make money from the situation, by putting the governments back to the wall and move towards a solution during the Christmas season which guarantees his commissions retro with AJW: ( had reported this during the episode of Camair-co plane seizure in France when the French government requested striking Cameroonians at the Charles de Gaulle airport be flown home immediately as they posed security thread)

Having manoeuvred between the times well the seizure in Paris of the Boeing 737-700, by the lessor Aviation Capital Group, the Boss of Camair-co succumbed to pressure in Paris in December 2015 and brandished a solution of aircraft leasing. For so-called “decongesting of the airports” to the detriment of the seized plane in France,
the D’ja stationed in Addis Ababa and Camair-co staff salaries for December 2015.
On the 28th December MINFI gave a grant of 1 billion FCFA for Camair-co to rent a Turkish plane “Corendon Airlines” for two months!!!!
That is January and February with an option of extension.
Sources close to this aircraft say the hired Turkish plane averagely carries not more than 10 passengers on average per flight, also; only one of the MA60 aircraft is operational for domestic and regional flights. One has suffered wheel failures and has been grounded.
If Camair-Co planes are on the ground due to lack of wheels, will they be able to afford Ethiopian Airlines’s service payment and debts?
As if this was not enough, Camair-Co has also received in January 2016 the sum 4.5 billion FCFA from the state to subsidies for the month we understand the money source is the Cameroonian taxpayer.
Of this subsidise, No franc was paid to Ethiopian airlines nor to reduce Camair-co debt, which is more than one billion CFA as at now, or to pay the bill for the service of the D’ja and parts to replace.
On aircraft leasing and retro commissions, AJW leasing (AJW leasing is an offshore company based in the Isle of man specialised in aircraft leasing) whose representative in Cameroon is Jean Nana Sandjo the General Manager of Cameroon Airlines Company Ltd is regularly paid, Between December 2015 and January 2016 for example, AJW alone received payment of 700 million to Malice of our national carrier…
The D’ja which is one of the fleets of the national carrier Camair-co has been parked in Ethiopia and probably will be there for a long time because of an individual, its General Manager while MINFI keeps pumping subsidies to the company and the final destination of the payment of aircraft rental with retro-billing and commissions, and the payment of a few selected suppliers particularly AJW and its representative in Cameroon.

By H k Tanteh

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