Cameroon-Consortium SG Dr Fontem Reacts

Dr Fontem Neba  woke up this morning to see his car burning in a UB Office in Buea following an attack by unknown people.Despite the incident,he still could not still give up .In a letter to West Cameroonians.He write;

My Fellow West Cameroonians;
A few hours to the start of our “Civil Disobedience”, the weapon we have been divinely instructed to use against the forces of oppression that wreak havoc and cause bloodshed, I wish to remind you again that:

1. Our struggle is a peaceful resistance, not a violent one. No citizen, worthy of West Cameroon should take part in any form of violence or take part in any bloodshed. Teachers will not go to school, so children, don’t bother to go to school. The indigenes of West Cameroon are heroically and collectively resolved to resist until their demands are met.

2. Any one who dreams of enjoying the citizenship of West Cameroon should do well to keep their children at home so that State provocateurs will not use them to inflict violence on our community again. We have known shame, lack, abuse and all forms of human suffering, but only self-discipline will take us through.

3. Our God is God of justice and truth. He defends the weak. He delivered Israel from the hands of Pharaoh with his mighty army. He will do same for us. So, we do not have to fight to achieve it. God will do it for us.

4. Anyone who plans to betray this cause should imagine what will happen when God finally gives us the victory. The shame will be too much for you and your future generations. Think about that and don’t doubt what God can do.

5. Finally, I thank the Church and all the Men Of God for their prayers and intercessions. We look forward to a nation that will serve God in truth and in spirit, free from intimidation, marginalization and the fear of the unknown.

God bless our peaceful struggle.

Dr. Fontem A. Neba
Secretary General
Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium

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