Cameroon :CPDM gov’t transforms Bamenda airport into a Military base

Bamenda airport


Reports reaching news desk says the Cameroonian  troops which started arriving the chief town of the North-West region Bamenda from  last night amidst the current Anglophone crisis  ,finally converged at the Bamenda airport.

Our source in Bamenda adds that grenades and tear gas were thrown early this morning  in parts of Bamenda.The men in uniform from the Biya regime also moved into people’s houses demanding their phones.


At mile 6 Nkwen civilians had their phones broken and beaten for having pictures and videos of current incidents in Bamenda.But minutes after Issa Tchiroma Bakary, communication Minister went on state radio to tell the world that the Cameroonian military which arrived Bamenda on the night of 8th breaking 9th did not go there to terrorise Anglophone Cameroonians,the soldiers were immediately taken of the streets by the Biya’s regime to the ‘newly’ created military based at Bamenda airport.

Abakwa(Bamenda) town is relatively claimed but security has been reinforced at Atanga Nji’s forcha Street resident.

Meanwhile, Northwest Fons who had answered present at the CPDM rally dispersed immediately after the protest began.

A source  told that before leaving Bamenda after the failed CPDM rally , the Fon of Nso  mask his number plate in order not to be recognised by the population but  he was noticed as drove past long Street Ndop at the speed of light.

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