Cameroon: CPDM militants disrupt the parade Youth Day in Douala (Video)


Youth day celebration lastThursday 11 February 2016 did not go on well as planed in Douala,In New Bell, it took place in total mess. As members of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement clashed to disrupt the festivities.

According to sources Denis Fampou, president of the Wouri WCPDM section 2, tried to prevent Relouanou Charaboutou , outgoing president of the CPDM section Wouri 2, from taking part in the parade. Reports say for several years, Denis Fambou and Relouanou Charaboutou have been like chats and dogs.
Only a strong intervention of the security forces helped restore calm the two ash rivals.

Video source, Cameroon-Info.Net video report:


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