Cameroon: CPDM Senators call on Biya to release Anglophone political prisoners

Paul Biya



Senators of the ruling Cameroon Democratic movement (CPDM )in the northwest Region on Wednesday supported the head of state Paul Biya in his management of the Anglophone crisis dispites worldwide condemnation of human rights abuses.

Gathering in Bamenda, they all supported Biya who apointed them into the Senate and also called on the President to take into account the people’s call for the release of leaders of the consortium of civil society, detained in Yaoundé.

At the invitation of Simon Achidi Achu, vice-president of the Senate,  and former prime minister, they met this Wednesday, February 15, at the hotel Ayaba, in Bamenda, to discuss the anglophone crisis that is currently shaking their two regions.

Among those present, according to a document of has attached a copy , were Fon Teche Njei II, Dingha Ignatius Bayin, John Wanlo Chiamua, Awanga Zacharie, Enoh Lafon and Fon Doh Gayonga III.

“We invite the political elite of the two regions to accompany the efforts of the government in the search for solutions, creating awareness and educate the communities”, explains the document, signed by Simon Achidi Achu and Dingha Ignatius Bayin. “We encourage the Head of State to continue his courageous efforts to put an end to the crisis,” he said.


Beyond this logical  support by the elected representatives of the ruling party, senators also call on Paul Biya to “take into account the people’s call for the release of detainees in connection with the crisis”.

Finally, the participants of the meeting urge the populations of their regions to stop strikes and “ghost town ” operations. They call for the creation of vigilance groups in the North-West and South-West. According to the document, they would have the task of assisting the administration and monitoring behavior in their communities.


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